Напишите письмо но там должно быть адрес,город.Помогите пожалуйста на английском языке.Срочно надо.И 3 вопроса про школу.


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                                                            30 October, 2012
Dear Diana, Your last letter was a real surprise. Sorry I haven’t been in touch for so long.Sounds like you had a great time in London!
In June I had a rest on the Black Sea. I sunbathed, dived and had as much fun as it was possible! At the beginning of July my family and I went to Moscow. There I saw the Kremlin, Red Square and many other sights. August I spent at home, reading books. That’s how my summer vacations passed.
And how did you spend your vacation? What new have you seen and learned?
Well, I have to go now as I should do my homework. Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,
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Это сочинение на тему как я провела каникулы)