Слова которые нужно вставить; guard, speech, was introced,includes,is connected,occasion,is celebrated,follow, mark, are preserved, unites anniversary. Christmans is the ..... in modern Britain on which a lot of tradition .....by most ordinary people. In Britain it ..... on 25 December.Today it ..... with ''making money by shops'' that is now of tradition:most people ..... the tradition of buying gifts for their family members.People also buy a Christmans tree.This tradition came from Germany. It ..... in the nineteenth century.Every Christmas,London gets a gift from the people of Norway-a Christmas tree that is 23 metres high.It stands in the centre of London,in Trafalgar Square and it is decorated with 500 white lights. Christmans is a time that ..... families. At night people get together to ..... Christmas. Celebrating Christmas ..... a Christmas dinner and listening to the Queeh's Christmas ..... when the Queen speaks directly to ''her'' people on TV and on the radio. There are many royal traditions in Britain. The Queen's telegram is not a very old custom but it is very old people. Every British person gets a telegram from the Queen on their ohe-hundredth ..... . The Changing of the .....is very beautiful tradition.Every morning tourists go to watch the ceremohy at Buckingham Palace. At 11.30 the guard that stands in front of the palace change.


Ответы и объяснения


1 occasion

2 are preserved

3 is celebrated

4 is connected

5 follow

6 was introduced

7 guard

8 mark

9 includes

10 speech

11 unites anniversity


Для последнего я не вижу здесь подходящего слова. А может его просто нет? Т.к. слов всего 11, а пропусков 12.