Ребята помогите написать сочинения на тему life and success (небольшое)


Ответы и объяснения


On the fact, what is success in life, puzzling over many generations. But to a common understanding of this issue never came. In fact how many people, are so much and opinions. And they are all different. It depends on education, the level of knowledge, even from the personal qualities of the person. To some people, success is first of all in the material well-being. For the other - completely different. They are alien to money problems. They are passionate about their work and find peace of mind in completely different values. And this is also a kind of "success". In my opinion, he was imprisoned in the aggregate moral satisfaction, peace of mind and well-being. Only the combination of these benefits a person can feel happy and then his head is free from everyday cares, he did not have to think about "daily bread", he Has a desire to work, to implement the idea interesting.

And this concerns not only his career, but also of personal happiness. The man who has a favorite work and making progress or has admirers of his talent, without a home may not be fully satisfied with his life.

Only family well-being can make a person truly happy. And such people his success in life is associated with warmth and positive energy, which is obtained in a circle of family.

But the success of life at the same time, like a roulette: бдному lucky, others not. And on the other hand, man is the blacksmith of his own happiness. Everyone must have persistence, patience, and the main thing - the desire to achieve something in life.

May be, from my point of view, many will not agree, may be, for them, the success of life is something quite different. But it can be answered one thing: "how Many people, are so much and opinions.