Пожалуйста напишите сочинение на тему "Ways of learning difficult words".Нужно всего лишь 7-8 предложений.Заранее благодарю


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ТАк... а нужно свои способы учить сложные слова или просто?
ну ладно. может поможет.
I use three ways of learning difficult words.
Firstly, i`m trying to connect them with their meaning. And when i see subject or a phenomenon connected with this word, i`m trying to get an the image of the word in my mind.
Secondly, i`m trying to use this word in my speech.
And thirdly, the most easiest way to learn difficult word is to write it on a paper and put it in a prominent place. You will often look at it and will remember soon.
To sum up, i can say that if you really put the effort in order to learn the words everything will be allright.


The easiest way of learning words as I think when they are connected with your interests. I love animals very much and I can learn names of pets easily. Also I can learn words connected with my family. I love my family very much.