Здравствуйте! Помогите мне, пожалуйста.

Нужен диалог на английском языке, в котором встретились якобы два друга и один другому рассказывает, какой у него есть друг.)

По пять реплик с каждой стороны!


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A: Hi! 

B: Oh, Hello!

A: Wat's up?

B: Several days ago I met such good man!

A: Tell me about he

B: I think, I'll never get bored with him. 

I was always very interesting to talk with him. But, he has one lack. He always talks only about himself.

A: I understand you, it is very sorrowfully, but such people are.. I have a new friend too! But it is a girl. I have never a friendship with a girls, but this  person is not like other. I can speak to her on any thems, and i feel myself, like in the company of boy. But.. She also has a lack. Her sense of humor is terrible! I try not to say something funny, so she did not laugh..

В: My dear friend, even we have some lacks. All people have it

A: Yeah, you right 


A ) Tony ! Come in !

B ) Hi , Cathy. How are you ? 

A ) Im fine , thanks . How about you ? 

B ) Fine 

A ) I d like to intoduce you to Jim

B ) Hello Jim . Pleased to meet you 

C )  Peased to meet you too