some,any,no.Этих 3 слов нада паставить на аткырити места.какои слова на какои предложение пренадлежит.

3.they haven t got....stamps. 4.he has 5.there are .... schools in this street. 6.are there in your book? 7.there here in winter. 8.i can see ....children in the yard. 9.are there houses in your street? 10.there are....people in the park because it is cold.


Ответы и объяснения


3. They haven't got any stamps.

4 he has got no money.

5 There are some schools in this street.

6 Are there any pictures in your book.?

7 There are some flowers here in winter.

8 I can see some children in the yard.

9 Are ther any new houses in your street.?

10 There are some people in the park because its cold.