помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение как я провела осенние каникулы по английскому языку!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения


Still very warm, but sad at the smell of the past summer, laminated, spicy and sour.
Trees shed burned over the summer foliage. It seems that the trunks of dark, they are tired and want to sleep. Restless little spiders to weave a web of incredible speed, and you're not seeing, which undermines their traps.

Especially glad to reason birds. Someone is going on the road, someone overfed during the summer, preparing for winter, and the young broods unusually active, flitting, fight. They do not know what the winter and do not expect her wiles.

On the slopes, in the tall grass, quickly rush lizard. Only the rustling and swaying grass betray their presence. Still fly bee. They are few, and their flight is heavy and goodness. Lonely butterfly swinging on a heavy flower thistles. She can sit for so long, with folded wings, that does not seem to take off have never been.
And the sky - a piercing blue, high, with the outgoing up the sun. This festive Autumn watercolor will stay for long, then paint will be replaced by cooler tones swell and become gloomy. Meanwhile, heat, light, all living out in a hurry, and sadly, that will not take the heat in the winter.

Forest, like a painting and painted -
Purple, gold, red.
Blonde is above the clearing,
Spellbound silence.

I love the warm cozy summer forest.

So I spent all my holidays in the autumn forest. I often went there.

That's why I love the sparkling magical winter forest. But especially love the forest in autumn.

I go into the colorful realm. Under the feet of colorful leaves rustle, spreading everywhere colorful carpet. Slender birches shake their magnificent head. But here the wind blows and the golden rain pouring on my head carved leaves. And next trembling aspen leaves red coins. Makes its way through the trees timid ray of sunshine.
I walk down the path and noticed fleeing on all sides muravishek troublesome.
And here is the nest. How little left in him open moves. Look up and see a fancy lace. This bothered spider. Pulled their nets from tree to tree.
What's that in the distance? Not a Christmas tree? I went closer and saw that it clung to the mountain ash trees and spread out his paws on her bright clusters.
I looked around and noticed through the fallen leaves a huge red hat. This krasnogolovik - big and strong. Let it grow.
Listen and hear the sound of trees, the crackle of twigs. Where else can hear the voices of birds.
Suddenly, in the dark forest. It crawls up clouds. What's that sound? This rattled the leaves rain.

Time to go home tomorrow to get back to my autumn forest and the remaining days are provestitam my fall break.