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My future profession


I never think about it, but now i know whom I want to be. I want to be a doctor. It is a very holi profeshion.It is very difficult but I want to be a doctor despite the difficulties. My mom is a doctor and one day I went to see her at work, and I liked it! So then I want to be a doctor like my mom.


Finishing school means the independent life for millions of school-leavers. many roads are open before them: technical schools, colleges and universities.But it is not an  easy thing to choose a profession. out of thousands! Some pupils follow their parents' advice; others can not make any decision after leaving school.

 In childhood I wanted to be a spaceman; then i dreamed of becoming a policeman. Only a few years ago I started thinking about my future career seriously. i decided to become an interpreter. I am a good at foriegn languages. My favourite language is English. i like watching films and reading books in the original.