составьте 5 преложений simple past , 5 предложений past continuous , 5 предложений past perfect.


Ответы и объяснения


1.past simple/he took his bad closed the window and left the room.

  They went to the country last sunday

  he told me a story about one man who wrote amazing stories

  I didn t know that he was born in 1997

  he moved to the Paris 6 years ago

2.past continuous.we were watching tv when my father came

the sun eas shining brighty

they were doing their homework at 5 yesterday

she was drinking coffee when i came in

mary was diong chores at 5 o clock

3.past perfecti had finished doing my homesork by 6 yesterday

i had finished doing my task when my father came.

when i was going to school i remembered that i had not switched off the gas.

Malfoy had done the work by the time his friend returned

The rain had stopped and the stars were twinkling on the dark sky



1ю What did your neighbour do?

2 mr Smith Fixed. His wife watered.

3 Their children cleaned the room yesterday.

4 her brother shouted.

5 On monday we had 5 lessons.


1 The girl was cooking.

2 I came , the children were standing.

3 I was playing at that time yesterday.

4 The boy hurt, he was skating.

5. Father was watching TV.



1The storm had already stopped, the snow was still falling.

2 He had finished a work, I came, he was reading.

3 We had covered , who had been looking.

4i The train had already arrived .

5 lanny returned, he had sent, he had done