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You've got a letter from your American friend David. David has to do a project about the way the system of social service is organised in the USA and abroad. He wants you to help him with the project.

Write David a 100-word letter and answer his questions.
1)Do you think Russia is a welfare state? Could you give me some fact?
2)Is there anything special about the way the system of social srvice works in Russia?
3)What social benefits do people receive in your country?
4)What benefits does your family receive?
5)Do all people who are entitled to benefits receive them? Do you happen to know anything about it?
6)Do you see any disadvantages in the system of social service in Russia? Could you give me some examples for my project?


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Hi David it

s been ages since we last talked to each other)) How are you? How is dad?


Well, social service project it s cool, I mean , it's great you brave enough to take such an important and complicated subject. You know, the system of social service in Russia varies to such an extent from that in the USa that it would be challenging for you to understand it, but nonetheless, I wil tell you about it.


Russia is certainly a welfare state, I am not that good at state''s structure and its pecularities, but I guess the fact that Russia is democratic and sovereign country may convince you that everything should be organised for the well-being of population of this country. For instance, recently, the decree of free accomodation to low income families was signed by our President.


As far as I am concerned , there is anything special about the services , however I guess there should be aspects that are managing this difficult process, but you know , every system in our country is poorly mechanised so to say, by this I mean our government can't manage the systems so that they work well. I believe you ve heard of our difficulties in the educational system, as well as of many others.. the social services are not the exceptions , they if not totally ,but  corupted and mainly designed to benefit other people


Concerning the exact benefits we have, I can tell, there are not that many of them . For example,  as I have mentioned free accomdation,( but only several people get it, herewith they should wait for a very long period of time ) I know one family, who was put in the queue for a flat in mid 90s, they got it only last year! We have several medical programms such as HIV women ant their kids , supporting of youth, children abuse, but this is the only I remember now.


My family doesn't receive any of the above benefits as well not mentioned ones, but I am happy we are wealthy enough to support ourselves, otherwise we would be obssessed with that pile of documents and limitless expectation.


The are so many disadvantages in our system, that when I start thinking of it , I want to give up immediately, the problem is I lack essential knowledge for judging the system, but nonetheless I feel it's inappropriate for advantageous functioming of our country in general.