Помогите!!!Срочно!Надо текст на английском языке,ну то есть биографию(не более 12 предложений) про известную личность!!!Сдать надо завтра то есть 31.10


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The USA is a relatively young country but it has got a lot of famous people. One of them is Albert Einstin. He is one of thr famous American scientists in the world. He was born in the middle- class family in Germany. At the age of 15 , his family moved to Switzerland where Einstein graduated from the Polytechnic Acfdemy of Zurich Afterthat  he got a job at a patent agency and spent his free time studing philosophy, mathematics and science. In 1905 he formulated the ' Theory of Relativity' which was published  in 1915. Einstein also proved that every planet has a gravitational field and this work made him world- famous. Another work was called ' Photoelectric Low". In 1922 Einstein got the Nobel Prize.