Привет, скиньте пожалуйста сочинение как я провела осень) По Английскому задали


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An autumn is the most favorable time for poets and artists... Звездопад of varicoloured leaves, rain, slush and lightblue night sky is all is only one in a year... Every season abandons the track in our park: a summer is noise of heavy foliage, winter - silense of paths, a spring is the merry ringing of brooks, and autumn is peeling off gold. I like to go for a walk with friends on the autumn avenues of park, ным is strewed¬by varicoloured leaves. They rustle both above a head and under feet. Here round false sheet, and fretted here - maple. What amusing for him denticles... We collect them and give up upwards is the salute of autumn. An autumn is the most wonderful season, for me at least. She opens my essence, my soul as though, with her to me similarly lonely, as well as always, but this loneliness becomes other - warm, desirable. Agitates and pacifies at the same time...I love whatever talk,