Переделать следующие предложения в Passive Voice.

1.We turn on the light when it is dark.

2.The students finished theur translation in time.

3.Helen washed the dishes.

4.Betty often took her younger brother for a walk.

5.Mother has made some coffee.

6.Have you ironed your dress yet?

7.Nina mispronounced this word.

8.They have told her the truth.

9.She promised us an interesting entertainment.

10.One uses chalk for writing on the blackboard.

11.I shall finish my work about seven o'clock.

12.Somebody has opened the door.

13.The waitress brought in the coffee.

14.One of my friends took me to the cinema last week.

15.We shall finish this work in time.

16.They built thishouse in 1960.

17.They were selling new children's books in that shop when i entered it yesterday.

18.A large group of young people joined us on our way to the station.

19.A young teacher started a school in this village.

20.They are translating this article now.

21.Thousands of people attended this meeting.

22.He has just interrupted me.

23.The teacher has explained it to us.


Ответы и объяснения


When it is dark the light is turned on by us.

The translation was finished by students in time.

The dishes were washed by Helen.

her Her younger brother is  often took for a walk by  Betty.

Some coffee has been made by mother. 

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