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Once upon a time Ivan lived. He was stupid. He was poor. He couldn’t do anything. Ivan  wanted  to be clever and rich and popular, but didn’t want to do anything. He decided to go to school. He said”the teachers will make me clever!” He went to school. He went to school every day. He didn't miss any lesson. But he didn’t want to do exercises and he didn’t want to read and learn and even to listen to the teacher. He only sat or slept or did nothing. A month had past. All pupils wrote a test. Ivan wrote too. Then the teacher checked his test and said that this result was poor. Ivan was very surprise! “How it can be! I went to school every day! Why am I NOT clever!” “But you didn’t anything!” answered the teacher. The moral: “no pains, no gains” If you want to be clever you must not be lazy. The school and teachers will help you but you must do something