Write questions to the words in the bold type.

1. The President arrivesnat the office at 10 o'clock.

2. Great Britain sells many goods to Russia.

3. We receive foreign businessmen every day. Today after 2 o'clock we are going to meet Mr Clark, the manager of GML.

4. Anna is interested in sports. She plays tennis very well.

5. After lunch I usually look through catalogues or meet customers.

6. Our secretary is making an appointment with Mr Bell now.


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1. When does the President arrive at the office?

2 Whom does Great Britain sell many goods to?

3 When do we recieve foriegn businessmen? When are we going to meet Mr. Clark? What is MR Clark?

4What is Ann interested in? What does she play very well/

5 What do i usually do after lunch?

6Whom is our secretary making an appointment with now?