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"Doing anything special this weekend?" there was a funny note in Julia's voice which ___1 (makes/made/was made/had made) me turn down the volume of the TV and look up at her.

"No, nothing special. 2 or 3 good films are going to be on. But why do you ask?"

"I have absolutely nothing to wear," said Julia. At that she ___2 (was wearing/had worn/had been wearing/was worn) trendy jeans and a black and silver jumper, which she ____ just ___3 (is ... bought/has ... bought/were ... bought/had ... bought).

"I am going shopping on Saturday. ___ you ___4 (Are ... coming/shall ... come/do ... come/have ... come) with me?"
I don't like shopping very much. And I ___5 (hate/am hating/have hated/was hated) shopping with Julia. But we ___6 (are/were/have been/will be) friends for many years and I didn't want to disappoing her. So, I ___7 (agree/agreed/had agreed/will agree).

On Saturday morning Julia ___8 (drop by/drops by/has dropped by/dropped by) to pick me up. By the afternoons we ___9 (toured/have toured/had toured/had been toured) a dozen of shops and lots of different clothes ___10 (were tried on/are tried on/have been tried on/had been tried on). Some of them were too conservative, some too dull, some too silly to Julia's taste. We bought nothing at all, and on the way home I had to listen to Julia complaining about how tired and stressed out she was.

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2.was wearing

3. Has bought

4. Are you coming

5 hate

6. Have been

7. Agreed

8. dropped by

9  had toured.

10 Had been tried on