Ask if your friend has done these things this week ( month, year, today).

Спроси, делал ли это твой друг на этой неделе( в этом месяце, сегодня).

Example: to do the room
- Have you done your room this week?
- Yes, I have./No, I haven't.

1) to learn a poem by heart, 2) to take pictures, 3) to buy a dictionary, 4) to swim in the swimming bath, 5) to find some money, 6) to be to the shops, 7) to see a good film, 8) to bring some flowers to your mum, 9) to give a call to your grandparent( s), 10) to visit the school library, 11) to spend a lot of money, 12) to catch a cold


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have you learnt a poem by heart?

do you take picture?

have you bought a dictionary?

Do you swim in the swimming bath?
Have you found some money?
Have you been to the shops?

Have you seen a good film?

Have you brought some flowers to your mum?

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