Complete the sentences using the words in bold. 1. This film is so violent that i can't watch it. me. This film is ... 2. I packed several sweaters because i was afraid i would be cold. case. I packed ... 3. He hasn't signed the contract. still. The contract ... 4. Is it necessary to write this report today? have. Does this report ... 5. Everyone thanked me except Paul. person. The only ... 6. They are building me a new shed. having. I ... 7. I'd prefer him to be back before 11 o'clock rather. I ... 8. You should never park on double yellow lines. circumstances. Under ... 9. I regret ever telling her about my plans. wish. I ... 10. The management won't let passengers smoke on the train. are. Passengers


Ответы и объяснения


1. This film is too violent for me to watch.
2. I packed several sweaters in case I would be cold.
3. The contract is still unsigned.
4. Does this report have to be written today?
5. The only person who didn't thank me is Paul.
6. I am having a new shed built.
7. I'd rather he'd be back before 11 oçlock.
8. Under no circumstances should you park on double yellow lines.
9. I wish i hadn't told you about my plans.
10. Passengers are not permitted to smoke on the train.