Ответы и объяснения


1 was your grandmother sleeping, when you come?

2What  were you doing?- i was having a breakfast/

3 Farthet was watching TV

4 Lena was sweeping.

5 We were playing

.6We were working.

7 He was reading, when I come.

8  my mother was cooking supper

9 We were walking.

10. kate was writing a letter to her friend


1. my sister was cooking.

2 i came/ The children were stsnding.

3 Granny was reading.

4 I was walking along the street.

5I entered, the teacher was writing.

6 nick was running, I saw.

7 he was reading, I sat.

8 Tom was crossing the street.9 The children were dancing

.10 The boy hurt, He was skating.