Ответить на вопросы по тексту: Dear Louise, Thank you for the book you sent me. I was very pleased because it arrived on my birthday. I also got a new watch from my parents and a printer for my computer. Now I will be able to print my letters to you, which is good because I write so badly. I had a party in a night club and all of my friends from the University came. We also went to a restaurant where we ate and drank for hours and took lots of photographs. It was wonderful. My friends father came and drove us home at 3 oclock in the morning and we all slept at Sams house. What are you going to do next week - end? I will probably be in London. May be we could meet. I am going to go shopping and I am going to the cinema to see the new Tom Cruise film . I think he acts really well, hes my favourite. Please write to me soon/ Your friend, Helen. !) What did Louise send to Helen? 2) When did the book arrive? 3) What did she get from her parents for her birthday? 4) Where did she have a party? 5) Did many friends from the University come to Helens party? 6) Did they go to the restaurant? 7) Did they eat, drink and take lots of photographs there? 8) Who came and drove them home? 9) Where will she be next week - end? 10) What is she going to do in London?


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1. She sent her a book.

2. It arrived on Helen's birthday.

3. She gor a watch and a printer for her compuner.

4. She had a party at club.

5. Yes, many friends from Universaty came to the party.

6. Yes. they went to the restaurant.

7. Yes. they did.

8. He friends father.

9. She will be in London.

10. She is going to go shopping and to go to the cinema.