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1. Do you have a purpose in life? 2. Have you started thinking
about your future career? If yes, when? 3. What career
would you like to choose? 4. Who or what has been an influence
on you in choosing your future career? 5. Are you going to follow
in your parents’ footsteps? 6. Do you have a role model?
7. What qualifications are you going to get? 8. Are you going
to do any odd jobs to get some hands-on experience? 9. Do you
have a passion for something? 10. What skills do you have?
11. Are you a creative person? 12. Do you think you have got
the abilities to achieve your goals? 13. What are your
strengths? What are your weaknesses? 14. Have you done any
career assessment tests? 15. If your goals prove to be unachievable,
what are you going to do then?


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1.Yes, I have. I have git a purpose in life.

2. Yes, I have. I started thinking about my future career at age of 12.

3. I would like to be in future hairdresser(например).

4. Nobode and nothing has been an influenceon me in choosing my future career. If I want that it will be in my hands.

5. No, I dont. I have got another interests.

6. Yes, I have got. It is my idol. It's a famous singer and actress.

7. I don't know. I don't think about it.

8. I think I don't. There are a lot of jods.


1. yes I do.

2 yes of course. sinse  14 years old

3i would like to chose the carreer of teacher.

4my parents anf my favourite teacher

5No , i dont my parents are engineers.

6No i haven't

7a high qualification

8No I am not

9No I don't

10I can draw, dance and sing a little

11Yea I am

12yes , I do

13to be a good teacher.

14No, i haven't

I am going to work and live.