1) Choose 3 sentences where the underlined words are used correctly:

1. Flu is one of the dangerousest diseases in the winter period.

2. The doctor says you have take all these pills, dear! It’s absolutely necessary.

3. Giving English lessons was for Cain a means to make extra money.

4. Could I see some more sweaters of my size?

5. The children made fun of Nicole because she couldn’t pronounce some words correctly.

6. Let me explain you. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

2) Which 3 of these sentences are WRONG?

1. Personally I would rather stay at home tonight.

2. If the weather gets worser, we we’ll have to cancel the picnic.

3. The man confessed that he committed a very serious crime and was going to arrest.

4. I heard a very amusable story. It will make you laugh.

5. Fred has been very naughty lately. 6. I know, Jessica is coming on the next train.

3) Put the parts of the sentence in the right order.

Hue is very busy, and he …

1. us 2.to see 3. hardly 4. ever 5. comes

4) Our friend was seen … the house very early today.

1/ has left 2) to leave 3)left 4) at leaving 5) leaves


Ответы и объяснения


3) возможно

4) 4 возможно

2) мне не нравится 6

1) 6,1(точно, там степень не та),и 2 вероятнее всего

чем смогла тем помогла, удачи)