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If you have ever snowboarded or skateboarded, then sand-boarding should be easy for you. It has the same principle as downhill snowboarding, but instead of travelling across snow, you travel across sand. If you have never done any kind of snow-boarding or skateboarding, it is still very easy to pick up.
For a first-time sandboarder, all you really need is the sand-board itself. A sandboard looks a lot like a snowboard and even has similar bindings to keep your feet attached.
To get the best results out of your sandboarding experience, you should do the sport on soft dry sand dunes. Wet sand can make the board stick and this makes for a bad ride. But be careful! Although you are riding on soft sand, accidents can still happen. A helmet is usually a good idea.


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What is a sand-boarding?
That of the gear I need for the first time?
What you need to do to get a good result from my first experience at the sand-boarding?

Что такое sand-боардинг?
Что из экипировки мне нужно на первое время?
Что нужно сделать, чтобы получить хороший результат из моего первого опыта на sand-боардинг?