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               For each of us the school - it's a second home. There is also a second mother - our first teacher. It was she who taught us to read, write, think logically. The teacher teaches us to be kind, honest, properly communicate, make friends.
               School gives us support, gives warmth and joy. Each morning we rush to his light class with a warm smile greets us with a teacher.
               School - this is the main step in our lives. It shapes the character and teaches us how to relate to the world. In school, we are the first real friends and first love.
               School - this is the place where we experience the joy of victory and the first attempt to conceal the bitter tears of defeat. School teaches us to overcome difficulties and do not stop there. The school runs a variety of activities - intellectual, sports and entertainment. Such measures make us more friendly, more united.
              We will always remember the carefree school days, our school house, our teachers and classmates, who were our native people.
              This year our school is celebrating its 100th anniversary. I am proud that I study in this school - a school with its own history and traditions.