Сделайте типо краткого описания по книге алиса в стране чудес!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ПО АНГЛИЙСКИ!!!!!!


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Alice, bored by the river with his sister, sees the White Rabbit holding in the foot pocket watch . She follows him down the rabbit hole, and into the hall with many locked doors.The main character finds the key to a small 15-inch door, behind which could see the garden, but it can not get into it because of his size. Alice finds various items that increase and decrease its growth. Cry, she notices the Rabbit, which dropped the fan and gloves.Waving a fan, it decreases and reaches the sea of their own tears.
Alice meets the Mouse , various birds, listen to the story of William the Conqueror , and to dry up, plays running in circles. Rabbit asks Alice to find his things and sent it to his house. Leaving behind gloves, Alice drinks a strange liquid from the bubble and grows again, barely placed in the home of Rabbit. The latter, trying to figure out what was happening, sends the chimney lizard Bill . But Alice pushes his leg back. After eating the cake, the main character decreases again and runs away from home in search of the garden.
Along the way she meets a Caterpillar . She advises her to control herself and to find their normal growth, take a bite of the fungus. Follow her advice, beginning with Alice various metamorphoses happen - it is missing the shoulders, it is a long neck. After eating a mushroom, it is reduced to 9 inches and see the house. After talking with a frog, and entered the building, the kitchen Alice finds the Cheshire Cat and the Duchess , shakes his baby.Take the child, the protagonist leaves the house, and the Duchess said that he was going to go to the cricket .
Walking along the road, protagonistka hears pig's sobbing, and let the baby has turned into a pig. Cheshire cat, appeared on a branch, saying that a number of live Hatter and March Hare , disappears. Once on the Mad Tea Party , Alice tries to unravel the mystery, listening Hatter thinking about the time and the story Sonny about the three sisters. Offended by the rudeness of the owners, Alice leaves.
The main character once again falls into the room and goes into the garden. There she meets the Cards guards who mistakenly planted white roses instead of red, and repainted them in the desired color. After a while it approached the procession, led by the King and Cervone Queen . Learning about the misdeeds of soldiers, the Queen ordered to cut off their heads, but Alice quietly hid sentenced in a flower pot. Rabbit from Alice learns that the Duchess was sentenced to death. All received start playing croquet, where the role of clubs were flamingos , and instead of balls - hedgehogs . Queen tried to cut off the head and the Cheshire cat, but to realize this plan failed - the cat was only a head, with the time and she was gone.
After talking with the Duchess of morality, Alice, along with the Queen went to the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon . Turtle talks about her past, singing songs and dancing. After protagonistka Griffin and rushed to judgment. Judged Jack of Hearts, who stole seven tartletswith the Queen. Judge was Chervonny King. The first witness was made Hatter, who talked about how he was making a sandwich. The second witness was the cook, told the court that the tarts are made from peppers. The last witness called herself Alice, who began to increase in size. Queen demanded beheaded and Alice and the jury to pass sentence, regardless of the defendant's guilt. The girl rose to its normal growth, and all the cards up in the air and flew in the face of Alice.
Alice wakes up to find himself lying on the shore, and with her sister looks like dry leaves. Alice tells her sister that she had a strange dream, and goes home. Her sister, who also fell asleep again sees Wonderland and its inhabitants. It is, as Alice grows and tells the children about their sorrows, joys and happy summer days.