Нужно сделать текст про Бориса гребенщикова аналогично также как мы делали с учителем


Ответы и объяснения


Boris Grebenshchikov is a famouse rock-singers was born in 1953. He is considered as one of the "rounding fathres" of Russian rock music, also known as BG. Boris Grebenshchikov is the leader of the group Aquarium, the best-known Russian rock band. He was influensed by the Beatles during his school years. His first performance took place in 1973. In 1980 he had made the breakthrough at the Tbilisi Rock festival. Boris Grebenshchikov became widely known in Russia since that time. After 1985 he had a conserts in Europe and America, wrote more than 500 songs, recorded and released more than 20 albums. He wrote music for films either.

He has a unique singing voice. When he performs it always makes you get deeper into things. I would really love to visit one of his concerts.