Use the right passve verb forms to complete these sentences.

1)Cuold you wait a minute? Your fax (send)

2)Yesterday ny favourite film (broadcast) on TV.

3)By five o`clok tea(make),and we were anjoying a friendly talk.4)Don`t worry. The patient (take) to the surgery. 5) When I entered the hall, it (decorate) for the New Year party.6)Tomorrow a very important political problem (discuss) in the weekly talk show.7)In this climate oranges (grow) all over the country.8)Before the bell rang, the quiz (write) and (hand) in.9)Everything (prepare) for your trip, now you may set off. 10)Listen.My favourite story by Kuprin (read) on the radio.


Ответы и объяснения


1) your fax is being sent

2) yesterday the film was broadcasted

3) had been made

4) has been taken

5) it was decorated

6) will be discussed

7) are qrown

8) had beed written and handed

9) has been prepared/ is prepared

10) is being read