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1) How do you define the word 'restaurant'?

2)Why are fast food so widespread?

3) How would you characterize the 'family' style restaurant?

4) What is the difference between 'family style restaurant' and 'theme' restaurant?


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1)I define restauraunt as a quiet place with tasty food. Eating here is always very pleasant and comfortable for me.We eat there with a family or friends. I can order unusual food there- this food i cant cook at home.

2)Fast food is very widespread because its very cheap in comparison with healthy food.Fast food is made from huge amount of sugar and salt.Thats why its very tasty so people like it.What is more-we can eat fast food everywhere and we dont need to spend time cooking.

3) As i think of it I recognize round table with food chairs. Everything is simple. Food is simple too- soup,potatoes,salats from tomatoes and cucumbers.We can eat here and feel us like eating at home.

4)We have a few differences between  'family  style  restaurant'  and  'theme' restaurant.

Firstly, family style restauraunt is a simple place where you and your family can have a dinner , but theme restauraunt is a place where you come to find something more than dinner.

Secondly, food in theme restauraunt is testier and design is the best.

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