Change the following sentences into the Passive 1. They found the rare manuscript in the basement. 2. Do they include the service charge? 3. I bought a book a week ago. 4. People often ask for this book. 5. A distinguished surgeon will operate on my sister. 6. Tom has just told me a good story. 7. She has tidied the room thoroughly. 8. The party will celebrate his retirement. Change the following sentences into the Active Voice 1. A great deal of property is destroyed by tornadoes every year. 2. A lot of buildings were ruined by the hurricane. 3. Some new equipment has been ordered by the company. 4. The works of art have been examined by the experts. 5. The papers will be received by John. 6. Ms Greta will be called (by somebody) tonight. 7. My books were stolen by someone yesterday. 8. Coffee is raised in many parts of Hawaii by plantation workers


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1. The manuscript was found in the basement

2. Is the service charge included?

3. A book was bought a week ago

4. This book is often asked for

5. My sister will be operated a distinguished surgeon

6. A good story has just been told me by John

7. The room has been tidied thoroughly

8. His retirement will be celebrated


Попробуй сделать второе сама. Конструкция passive voice крайне проста - be + Vз

(be + третья форма глагола)

Книга была куплена мной.

The book WAS BOUGHT by me.