I. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами из списка, приведенного ниже.

1. Fill in this form. Write in … . 2. We want two single rooms with a .... . 3. Have you reserved a room? - Yes, we ... from Paris. 4. Is this room ….? - Yes, it faces the yard. 5. If you are planning to travel you should ... a room in advance. 6. What will it come to ...? - Twenty roubles a night, ma'am. Breakfast in your room is … . 7. There is no bath in your single room but there is a ... . 8. Where's your luggage? - That ... is mine. 9. I don't like outside rooms. I prefer ... ones. 10. We're booked up. We're ... a delegation. 11. We've come to see the main … in your city.


book, trunk, all in all, cabled, bath, block letters, your name and address, inside, expecting, shower, places of interest, quiet, extra

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1) your name and address


3) block letters. НЕ знаю 3-ее. Просто остался последний вариант. Я перевела это словосочетание как печатные буквы, и думала относится к 1-ому, но your name and addres больше подходит.



6)all in all,  extra


8) trunk

9) inside


11)places of interest

Насчет остальных уверена, что такое  block letters и cabled не знаю точного перевода. 3, 5?