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Our family is not big . We are a family of four: my father, my mother, my younger brother and I.

                             (  перечисляешь кто есть у тебя в семье)

My name is _____ твое имя. I am ______ сколько лет. I am apupil . I have the same blue eyes, a snub nose, fair curly hair. I am not tall


 My younger brother is ______ возраст. He is a pupil of the _____ (класс) form. He has brown eyes, short straight hair. He is tall and thin.

Our family lives in ______город. We have a nice three-roomed flat on the fourth floor.


My mother is about ______ сколько лет.She is ________ кто по профессии She looks pretty well. We all love dearly our Mum, and are always ready to help her about the house. We try to share our duties. Returning home after classes I usually do the shopping.

My father is an _________ кто по профессии He is always busy and very often he works overtime.

We have a little summer house and a lovely garden near it not far from _________город. The nature is very beautiful there. There is a lake there. My grandparents like to live there in summer.

They don't work now. They are on pension. My Granny is fond of gardening and my Grandpa likes to go fishing.

Our family is friendly. I like them all.