Монолог на тему : Мой любимый уголок природы. 10-15 предложений. На английском.


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My favorite place - summer meadow. Go out on the uncut, grassy meadow, and for joy ahnesh: so flaunts various colors, similar to the festive dance. Across the green meadow whiten daisies, yellow dandelions blooming mouse peas. And above all, all fun - purple bells. Crawling on a blade of grass colored bugs, multicolored butterflies flit.

Busily ringing bee from flower to flower fly heavy furry bumblebees. Sitting on a piece of plantain big green grasshopper. Sweet honey smell of pink clover. Quietly gurgling, splashing in a meadow brook. On a hot day of it and blows cool. Nice to look at a clean blue carpet at the overgrown creek nezabudok. Very good and beautiful, these little blue flowers.