10 предложений в пасивной форме (passive voice) пожалуйста помогите))))


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1.The tickets will be brought tomorrow

2.The dictation will be written next Monday

3.Mother will be asked not to worry

4.The carpet was hung on the wall

5.The books were put on the shelf

6.She is often sent to the post office

7.They are always invited to Kate's birthday party

8.Next summer Nick will be taken to the country

9.Mary was asked to tell about her journey

10.The test will be corrected


1.Irene was brought some beautiful shells from the south by her husband.

2 The newspapre reporters were given a long interview.

3 You wiil be taught English by Mr. Wilson.

4 Nick was given a book for his btryhday.

5 I was  ordered a month's rest from studing.

6 You will be shown a new book of pictures.

7 We shall be sent a box of fruit.

8 in summer the horses are often driven to the fields.

9 The fisherman was laughed at


10She was often sent to the post office.