Помогите с английский пожалуйста,нужно дописать правильный конец предложения.

Complete the sentences with the correct question tag.

1 Parts of central Spain are very remote,...?

2 You won't be late this evening,...?

3 This train gets into Paddington at 6.30,...?

4 Zimbabwe used to be called Rhodesia,...?

5 You weren't responsible for the accident,...?

6 It's getting too dark to play,...?

7 You haven't finished that book yet,...?

8 They both went to the same school,...?

9 She had to have an operation,...?

10 You'd lend me some money if I needed it,...?


Ответы и объяснения


1)aren't they?

2)will you?

3)doesn't it?

4)didn't it?

5)were you?

6)isn't it?

7)have you?

8)didn't they?

9)didn't she?