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A little about communication: Communication can be considered as one of most important and basic needs of human beings. It can be defined as exchange of information between entities. 
Usually when we say "communication" we imagine things connected with verbal communication, like talking on phones, listening to radio, etc. Verbal communication needs language; however it is not the only type of communication. Also non-verbal communication exists which does not need language and ideas can be expressed independent of a language. Non-verbal communication is always connected with the senses of humans, because through that senses one gets information.
Through the sense of sight we can see motion, colours, shapes, which are all means of non-verbal communication. The sense of hearing is usually thought to be more verbal than non-verbal, but it is proved that many feelings like calmness or cheerfulness can be communicated through using some rhythmic sounds. Some people think that sense of smell can recall our memory best of the others. Sense of taste is connected with the sense of smell, and tasting food and drink can communicate friendship, agreement and approval. Sense of touch is also used as a mean of communication. Examples are a kiss, a handshake, a hug, etc.
Communication in an organization: Communication plays central role in every organization especially it is important for management as it is necessary for effective management. It has been shown that communication, especially oral skills have significant impact on success in business environment.
Study of Stanford University MBA graduates was carried out and it showed that good communication is the most important skill for success in business.
Communication is considered to be the organization’s oxygen, blood, brain, central nervous system, arteries, highways for transacting a business, fuel or glue. These comparisons all show how important is the communication in management.