погити плизззз написать сочинение по английскому на тему:мой любимимый питомец!!!!!


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ETTA this my dog. The Sorts English кокер-spaniel. The Sorts of the dogs be different: бойцовские, official, decorative, atheletic, but here is sort кокер-spaniel was выведена as dog-partner, dog-friend. Certainly, its full name dog well knows, but we her(its) simply call Veta.

From former master Violetta has alterred by sawing to us at age two years, being adult dog. Then in our house else veins cat Cache. And before appearance of the dog he felt itself enjoying full rights master. The Appearance of the dog in house the present stress became for cat. The Cache did not come off windowsill of the fortnight and herewith nothing do not ate. We much outlived, as now two adult animals: cat and dog will be able to adjust the relations. In spite of all our misgivings, Veta was able to find the approach to cat, the general language and even befriend him!

The Branch not only has hit it off with us and with Keshkoy, but also with our relative and with neighbour.

Each morning Veta accompanies me before school, together us merry, and I feel itself on the safe side. Getting to schools, I dialect to her: Home! The Eye of the dog are filled the anguish, but she obediently leaves. Having Risen on platform to door of our apartment, Veta begins aloud to bark, declaring thereby that she came and her(its) it is necessary to let in in house.

Once upon a time ma in a hurry, leaving from building, has forgotten in прихожей to fasten the dog. Having Returned, she has noticed виноватые, ingratiating eye of the dog and immediately guessed that Veta something have done. And exactly! On sex torn small bag wallowed near kitchen table with liver! But at night, go to bed, each has found beside itself under pillow печенюшку from torn package. Such tricks happened several times. Scold the dog for them we can not. These печенюшки under pillow we perceive as gift. After all other way to do pleasing, show its care beside our dogs simply no.

I love its most mellow, tender, dedicated and careful dog. Veta this the most present friend. She such beauty and clever person! And most main, she about this knows.