Помогите пожалуйста написать ответ на это письмо и задать вопросы)Guess what!My parents let me have a pet for my birthday. Is not that great? I have not decided yet what kind of pet to get. Have you got a pet? What animals do you think make good pets? Is it difficult to look after your pet? Let me known what you think.
Anyway, i'd better go now. I've got loads of homework to do tonight (unfortunately!) Write soon!


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It is great to have a pet. I have a dog.  I think that dogs are the best pets, they are the best friends. It is not difficult to look after him. His name is Baks. He is Labrador. I feed him in the morning and in the evening. And I walk with him 3 times a day. I like it. Of course when it rains or when it is cold it is not very comfortable to walk, but you must remember  that you are responsible for your pet. So think before you get a pet. Do you live in a house or in the flat? Do you like dogs? Do you have much free time?


Write soon! 

With love,