Например про кличканаписать по английскому про любимого спортсмена например про кличка


Ответы и объяснения


Vita?liy Vladi?mirovich Moniker? (укр. VVtalVy Volodimirovich Moniker, July 19 1971, village Belovodskoe, Kirghiz SSR) ukrainian politician, public figure. The Ukrainian boxer-professional bulging in heavy весовой of the categories, кикбоксQр. The Candidate of the sciences in the field of physical education and sport[3]. Has Finished the National academy госуправления at President of the Ukraine. Has Got the degree of the master on professions Management public development . The Major of the spare of Armed Power of the Ukraine (2009.).
The Champion of the world on box amongst professional on version WBO (1999 2000), on versions of the journal The Ring (2004 2005) and WBC (2004 2005, 2008 n.v.).
The Sixfold owner title champion of the world on кикбоксингу on version different organization (amongst professional four times and twice amongst amateurs).
The Three-phase champion of the Ukraine on box amongst amateurs.
At August 2003 together with brother Vladimirom created the Charitable organization Fund brother Moniker At November 2005 has declared about termination atheletic quarries, but in 2007 about her(its) renewal.
The Leader to ukrainian political party BLOW (the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms) Vitaliya Moniker and factions BLOW in Kievsovete.
The Senior brother professional boxer Vladimira Moniker, owner title champion of the world on box in сверхтяжQлом weight on version WBA super, IBO, IBF, WBO and The Ring.