1. At last I (to do) all my homework: now I shall go out, 2. The building of thehouse (to begin) early in April. 3. The rain (to stop) but a cold wind is still blowing. 4. We already (to solve) the problem. 5. He (to come) a moment ago. 6. Inever (to speak) to him. 7. He just (to finish) his work. 8. You (to make) anyspelling mistakes in your dictation? 9. It (to be) very cold yesterday. 10. When you(to meet) him? 11. I (not to see) him. since 1987. 12. How many mushrooms you(to gather)? 13. Where you (to put) the newspaper? I want to read it, but cannotfind it anywhere. 14. The new school (to begin) working last year. 15. You (toread) all the books on this shelf? 16. I (not to see) my cousin since last year. 17.Why you (to put) these things in the wrong place? 18. Why you (to leave) the door open? You will catch cold sitting in the draught. 19. "We (not to meet) for such along time!" said my friend. "Yes, indeed," I answered, "and we both (to grow)." 20.What books you (to read) when you (to live) in the country? 21. They (not yet tocome) from the south. 22. He (to be) ill last week, but now he (to recover). 23. If everybody (to read) this new novel, let's discuss it. 24. You (to book) tickets? — Yes, I ... . I (to book) them several days ago. 25. I can hardly recognize you. I (not 26 to see) you since you (to leave) for Moscow. And you (to change) so much


Ответы и объяснения


1 did

2 will begin

3 has stopped

4 have sloved

5 came

6 is speaking

7 has finished

8 have you made

9 was

10 have you met

11 havent seen

12 have you gathered

13 did you put

14 began

15 have you toreaded

16 havent seen

17 did you put

18 did you leave

19 havent met have grown

20 have you read when you lived

21 havent come

22 was ill  recovered

23 has read

24 have you booked  i booked

25 havent seen you since you left Moscow   have changed