очень-очень нужно и срочно помогите пожалуйста...Портфолио: написать раздел про гида около 80 слов о знаменитой улице в москве.


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For travelers to the streets of Moscow are architectural and historic interest. Street names still reflect its original historic mission. Many streets were named to the temples and churches to which they are located: in Sretenka was Candlemas Monastery and Vozdvizhenka - Cross. At Butcher Street butchers once lived, and in silver and Plotnikov alleys master wood and metal.
If we talk about the most famous streets, each guest of the city seeking to visit the Old and New Arbat. In Arbat museums, apartment Pushkin, Lermontov and Marina Tsvetaeva.
Streets History has several hundred years, but most of the buildings still belong to the beginning - mid XIX-XX centuries. Many old streets can be found now serving with the very long and straight will be originating from St. Basil's Big Ordynka - that this road sent tribute to the Golden Horde and ambassadors. The most surprising is that the capital can be found many streets and alleys, which are going to feel the atmosphere of deliberateness and thoroughness, where you can quietly enjoy each passing minute.