Нужно составить предложения из слов : 1. checks, the, stewardess, boarding passes, A, passports, at, and, gate. 2. on. show, Passengers, to, the, their, train, conductor, the, before, tickets getting. 3.in,are,carriage,nine,There,a,sleeping,compartments. 4.four,berths,are,each,compartment,,There,in. 5.a,can,Passengers,car,train,meals, have,a,in,dining,on.


Ответы и объяснения


1. A stewardess checks passports and boarding passes at the gate.

2. Passengers show their tickets to the conductor before getting on the train.

3. There are nine sleeping compartments in a carriage.

4. There are four berths in each compartment.

5. Passengers can have meals on a train in a dining car.