Напишите пожалуйста текст на английском " книги в моей жизни" если можно то с переводом .


Ответы и объяснения


   A hobby is a think people like to do in their free time. Hobbies maybe: indoor and outdoor, energetic and quiet, practical and impractical. For some people reading is a hobby/

   Books are important in our lives. We use books for study, for work and for rest. We can get book at special bookstores, at a book market or at a library. There are different kinds of books^ fiction, folklore, drama, non – fiction, poetry, science fiction. A fiction is a type of literature that describes imaginary people and events. As I like nature and theatre usually read drama, poetry, love stories, reference books, and encyclopedias.

   My favourite book is Robinson Crusoe. I’d like to say a few worlds about this book. The main character is a Robinson Crusoe. He is a honest, kind, clever, intelligent, brave, poor, cheerful.

   Reading is a good book is like talking to a friend, you wish the experience would never end.