Глаголы, данные в скобках, поставьте в правильную форму.

They do everything wrong here! They _______(eat) too much meat and they ______(eat) it at 11 p m. Yesterday we ______(go) out to dinner at 11.30 and we _____(have) trouble getting a table! At 1 a m we ______(be) still eating, and the restaurant _____(be) still half-full! They _______(spend) too many hours in the sun and they not _____(get) enough sleep. One Saturday night we ____(go) to a disco at 2 a m and ______(be) surprised to see a few people on the dance floor. Then the DJ ______(arrive) at 3 a m and the party ______(begin). Everything (be) wrong here, but I no _______(want) to _______(go) home!


Ответы и объяснения


Eat, eat, went, had, were, was, spent, did not get, went, were, arrived, began, was, didn't want, go.


1) eat

2) ate 

3) went 

4) had

5) were 

6) was

7) spent

8) didn't get

9) went

10) were

11) arrived

12) began

13) was

14) didn't want

15) go