5 предложений с модальными глаголами,5 с have. be. и 5 с любым другим


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ne have be a have to

1)Last year  I had to work  every Sunday.

2)You don*t have to open that door.

3)I don*t  have to work on Saturday if i don*t want to.

4)She doesn*t have to go to bed at ten o*clock.

5)I had to wait ages for a bus.

6)You should take off your wet shoes.

7)Could you possibly lend me $10?

8)Tom may know the adress.\

9)We ought to take a taxi.

10)She can play the piano.


I can drink a cup of tea.

You should go for a walk.

He must do his homework.

We had to make a photo.

They can have a breakfast.


I have a car.

You are a policeman.

He has lots of books.

I am sportsmen.

They have a big ball.


You bring me a cup of tea every morning.

Cook cooks every day.

You study at school.

He comes home very early.

They live in London.