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What is globalization? A lot of people hear it, but few people know what the word means. Globalization – it is the process of integration of states and peoples in various fields. But not all people believe that globalization is a positive process. In the late twentieth century, there was a movement called "anti-globalization movement." Members of this movement are trying to protect the world's population from all negative activities that cause globalization. What promote anti-globalization? They stand for labor rights, environmentalism, feminism, freedom of emigration and more. Anti-globalization movement are against multinationals corporations. The activists believe that if the borders of the countries will be open to international corporations, they should also be open to the free choice of residence of people. In my opinion, the anti-globalization is very smart people. They look into the future and predict everything that will give us the process of globalization in a few years.


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What  does it  promote anti-globalization? 

Anti-globalization movement is

antiglobalists are very smart people.