One morning last week I relised that my bike(1) ... stolen from my garden. I phoned the pollice and two officers called at my house the next day. They (2) ... me if I had seen or head anything. I told (3)... I had been out that evening, and hadn't noticed anything suspicious when I came home. 'If I had seen anything. I (4)... you' I replied.' It was raining hard too. If the weather (5) so bad. I would have ridden my bike.' The officers told me that lots of people (6) their bikes stolen lately. 'The thieves (7) to have put the bikes in a van' said one of the officers. 'I (8) I had known about that,'I said.' I saw a black van that evening. In fact it(9) opposite my house.' The officers asked me what the van's number (10) ,but I couldn't remember.'(11) you saw the van again.(12) you recognise it?' one of them asked. After the officers had left, I(14) by a friend of mine.'By the way',she said. '(15) you want your bike. I'll bring it back this afternoon. I borrowed it a couple of days ago.'

1) Had had been had had itself had not

2) reminded questioned told asked

3)them that if later

4)called would had called would have called

5)wasn't wouldn't be hadn't been wouldn't have been

6)had had had had to have hadn't

7)think are thought have thought are thinking

8)would realise wish thought

9)was parked had parking is parked has parked

10)is was had wrote

11)if when remember suppose

12)do can would if

13)needed had been looked like seemed

14)called up was phoned had a phone call heard some news

15)imless if only if as long as


Ответы и объяснения


1. had been

2. asked

3. them

4. would have called

5. hadn't been

6. had had

7. are thought

8. realised

9. was parked

10. was

11. if

12. would

13. ???

14. was phoned

15. if



Это я LOdk вот тут я пропустила еще вот что 

'It (13) painting. I remember that, ' I repplied.However, there was a happy ending to this story.