СРОЧНО!№ 1 Вставь слова в предложения speak, tell или say.

1.She’ll________________ us about her visit to Samara.

2.Brian______ me that he didn’t like the Science lesson.

3.“Don’t ask too many questions,” my father ________.

4.Don’t ___________________________________ lies.

5.French students ____________________ English well.

6.The doctor _____ that I must drink a lot of carrot juice.

7.“Can I__________ to Mary, please?”- “Just a minute”

8. He_________ to me: “Be serious! Don’t laugh at me!

№2.Вставь в предложения слова There is or There are.

1. __________________________ an apple on the table.

2. _________________________ some milk in the glass.

3. _______________________ some bananas in the bag.

4. ________________________ some chairs in the room.

5. ___________________________ some tea in the cup.

6. ____________________________ a book on the desk.

№3 Write sentences as in the examples.


David is the oldest boy in the class. (old)

David is older than Mike. (old)

1. Autumn ____________ season of the year. (beautiful)

4. This _____________________ house in the city. (old)

2. Autumn ________________________ summer. (cold)

5. Winter _________________ season of the year. (bad)

3. Summer _______________ season of the year. (good)

6. Which _________: the book or the film? (interesting)


Ответы и объяснения


1. tell

2. tell (say)?







под знаком вопроса,ответы, в которых я не уверена, сейчас скину вторую часть