Помогите плиз сделать сочинение: что нельзя делать на улице, как по ОБЖ (не разговарить с не знакомыми на улице и т. п.) писать на английском языке!!! и без мата!!!


Ответы и объяснения


• Avoid routes through deaf yards, vacant lots, construction sites, plantations, poorly lit streets and other poorly populated places.
• Once in a dark unfrequented quarter, go in the middle of the street. This will reduce the risk of surprise attack.
• Seeing ahead of a group of people drunk or stationary vehicle with passengers, go across the street or change the route.
• If someone tries to talk to you, then do not enter into the conversation. Pretend that somewhere in a hurry and go in the direction of lit and crowded places.
• If you think someone is behind you, go a few times on the other side of the street. If your guess is confirmed, run to the nearest place where there may be people, or just to the side of the illuminated portion of the street. With the threat of an attack scream, call for help.
• If you are convinced that you are in danger, - a stone or a heel smash the glass in the nearest house, noise and shouting attracted the attention of residents and passers-by.
• If the criminals threatened with death, give them what they need: money, things. Life and health are more expensive things.
• If you are attacked, try your best to remember the signs of criminals.