сочинение на тему "Почему я хочу быть миллионером". на английском. заранее спасибо


Ответы и объяснения

1) If I am a millionaire, I don't need to work for money and I will do only what you like!
2) I will feel myself protected, stop worrying about money and the future!
3) I will Have a lot of time and money to do a massage, spa procedures, beauty salon, shopping, and other joys of life!
4) I will be able to bring up their children in an atmosphere of plenty, and they will have all the very-very best.
5) I can travel so much, as much as I want, the limit will be only my imagination!
6) I will live where I want to, i.e., by the sea and my house will be that's exactly what I want.
7) My family and friends as well will have the opportunity to do what they want, live where they want and have all that wish.
8) I'll buy myself the luxury car, which wink at me in the most fashionable interior and of course learn the drive!
9) I will be able to give such gifts beloved, of which they dream.
10) I will be able to help all people who need my help!