написать глагол в Present perfect .past indefinite he be.she buy.They do. i read.you see.it wash.they read.she write..we clean..he come


Ответы и объяснения


He has been (Present Perfect); he was (Past Indefinite);

She has bought (Present Perfect); she bought (Past Indefinite);

They have done (Present Perfect); they did (Past Indefinite);

I have read [red] (Present Perfect); I read [red] (Past Indefinite);

You have seen (Present Perfect); I saw (Past Indefinite);

It have washed (Present Perfect); I washed (Past Indefinite);

They have read [red] (Present Perfect); they read [red] (Past Indefinite);

She has written (Present Perfect); she wrote (Past Indefinite);

We have cleaned (Present Perfect); we cleaned (Past Indefinite);

He has come (Present Perfect); he came (Past Indefinite);